Our staff has extensive knowledge in processing various ceramic materials for demanding applications such as energy storage, catalysts, adsorbents, filters, and specialty additives.

We offer adsorbent, ferrite powders and specialty ceramics with the following characteristics and applications:

Adsorbents – Designed to adsorb carbon dioxide within seconds. This material utilizes a high surface area silica support, combined with an attached function group to deliver rapid kinetics and high capacity for adsorbing CO2. The advantages of this material include:

    • Non-corrosive properties
    • The ability to be regenerative
    • Safe to handle
    • No unpleasant odors

Our adsorbent is primarily designed for CO2 adsorption for confined space life support systems, but can be used for any industrial application.

Ferrite powders – Small particle ferrite loading powders are available for loading into various resin systems to absorb energy. Standard materials have an average particle size of 4 to 10 microns. In some cases, custom ferrite powder variations can be produced with tighter or additional specifications.

Applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Automotive ignition cable for RF absorption
  • Loaded into elastomers, thermoplastics and other polymer resin systems for extrusion or thermo-moldable parts and components
  • Microwave quick-cure or heat susceptors
  • Thermoplastic welding
  • Magnetic tagging
  • Thin sintered flexible EMI tape for magnetic induction

Specialty ceramics – We can process various ceramic materials for nearly any application. Our customers rely on us for high-value differentiated materials that require a disciplined approach to development, as well as tight processing and quality control.

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