Our grinding expertise sets us apart from our competition

Steward Advanced Materials has developed expertise in milling materials as a result of our history in being one of the major suppliers of ferrite powder to the consumer electronics and reprographic industries. Our extensive in-house materials characterization capability, and grinding/sizing expertise set us apart from our competition.

Our particle size reduction and sizing methods are used in a number of industries. We’re experts in attrition milling and ball milling, and have experience in mechanical alloying for ODS (oxide dispersion strengthened) applications.

We also have PLC-controlled attrition mills that are equipped with data logging. As a result, temperature, speed, and atmosphere can be tightly controlled and recorded. We use non-aqueous, aqueous, and dry processing methods, as well as grinding/sizing techniques such as:

  • Impact milling
  • Jaw crushers
  • Hammer mills
  • Screeners
  • Turbo screeners
  • Ultrasonic screeners
  • Air classification

In some applications, we combine methods to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Over 140 years of experience in processing ceramic and metallic materials

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