Electromagnetic Materials

A trusted provider of energy-absorbing electromagnetic materials, such as metal alloys and ferrites

We offer a broad range of electromagnetic materials, such as metal alloys and ferrites that are utilized into coatings and other elastomers and resin systems for EMI, RF and microwave absorption. Lightweight materials are available with aspect ratio for weight reduction, as well as spherical particles with tailored particle distributions to optimize loading concentrations and maximize performance.

We have the capability to create platelet shaped particles from magnetic alloys. If required, we can enhance corrosion resistance and dielectric properties through proprietary treatment processes. Magnetic materials for high-temperature applications are also available, upon request.

Custom materials can be developed to support your unique applications and requirements.

Applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Coatings to attenuate and absorb energy
  • Loaded into elastomers, thermoplastics and other polymer resin systems for extrusion or thermo-moldable parts and components
  • Thin flexible EMI tape for shielding and absorption
  • Microwave quick-cure or heat susceptors
  • Automotive ignition cable for RF absorption
  • Thermoplastic welding
  • Magnetic tagging

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